Nicolas Renahy

Les gars dans attendais

En ligne, elles font pourtant face aux moqueries et parfois à des menaces très agressives. L'adjectif est abondamment utilisé pour décrire le climat entourant Overwatchjeu vidéo où deux équipes armées jusqu'aux dents tentent de s'anéantir l'une l'autre. Le mot n'est pas trop fort.

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CR dans Liens socio , La ardeur des idées. Bruneau, A. Diallo e G. Laferté , Porto, Instituto avec Sociologia, , 55 p. Les type du coin. Enquête sur une adolescence rurale, Préface de S. Beaud alors M. Bessière , E. Doidy , O.

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Réception Numéros Devenir dominant. La période alentour des études supérieures condense notamment toutes les contradictions auxquelles doivent faire visage les personnes en ascension sociale. This article is based on a survey conducted among a hundred persons from a working-class background who achieved very sharp upward social mobility. It proposes a typology of the main stages in the experience of social achievement, drawing on the phenomenological analysis of the stranger developed by Alfred Schütz. This typology shows that the experience of the tension between the group of origin and the new group varies strongly depending on the stages of the mobility trajectory. The fact that there is no single effect of mobility must lead to a partial renewal of the paradigms structuring the research on the experience of social mobility. Indeed, depending on the age of the people surveyed, conclusions can vary widely. The disruptive effects of upward mobility are felt most acutely when going through higher education.

Les gars dans un groupe heureusement

Devenir dominant

The young people from poor urban areas : how do they form a group? A comparative analysis between three districts. This article aims to build the methodology to help the researches on the young people from poor urban areas. At first, it defines the concerned population it studies a part of the youth which lives in poor urban areas and try to show its cohesion collective fights against the stigma, others mutual aids, interdependencies connected to the labour séparation organized by the drug economy… aigle its divisions delinquent rivalries, rejection of the group related to the rejection of the stigma, individualism…. This study highlights the fundamental ambivalence of the concerned young people respect to their district, sometimes presented and lived aigle a community space of protection and solidarity against a rough environment, sometimes presented and lived as a wild micro-society that has to be left as quickly as possible. In the second time, this article shows processes of association and dissociation differentiated according to the districts of research. It analyses a part of the centripetal and centrifugal forces which determine the studied social universe, by measuring their respective pertinance level on three districts. Que recouvre cette nouvelle expression?